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I want to find people that work well with sequential art

For general, to watch them, but maybe for a future project comic I want to kickstart once I flesh it out
I'm looking for someone who understands how to craft maps for fantasy worlds

As I'm not a map maker, I would like the cartographer input in the best way it would be to have my maps drawn.

My project has 3-4 major islands and 4 smaller ones (then another project part of the same world, has just as many islands). So I'm not sure if it's possible to have all them in 1 world map, or if it would be smarter to do all the islands by themselves. And later piece them together onto a world map.

Also, I don't want my lack of map creating to limit the artist creativity

What I'm looking for
- an artist that has patients to work with me
- a 2.5 view style map (will post link below of examples)
- color isn't my priory right now, so it's not something I'm paying for (when the basics are done, then I'll move forward with color)
- I want the final file as vector (draw in Photoshop and import into Illustrator, and do the vector line art there)
- the size proportion needed is 12x18 inches (vector can be sized up and down, with no issue, I know this, but that's the proportion I need so I can easily size it down to 6x9 or 24x36 inches)

2.5 map examples…………………… (mostly not like this, but it is a 2.5 view)

My budget: honesty can't afford more then $100 per-piece (which is why I'm not wanting color)
deadline: no rush
So, the one guy I found to commission my maps...feel through on me and he can't do it anymore, so now I'm looking for another person for my maps.

The world map will be the 1st to be worked on, then a more detailed island concept can be done later.

my budget: can't afford going over $100 per-piece
dead line: no rush

What I'm looking for
-a 2.5 view needed
-line art/sketch of my maps for my project (color can come later)
-I would like the final file I get to be vector (you can draw the map in photoshop, but I want the line art done in vector)
-canvas proportion size I need: 6x9, 12x18, or 24x36 inches (I know vector can be sized up & down without quality loss, but this is the proportion size I want)
I'm not sure if that's what it's called, as I'm not looking for someone to help write half of the project. I'd still be doing the writing.

This is what I'm needing help with
-for someone to read story I'm working on
-check for grammar and spelling
-make sure the story makes since in general
-checking that the paragraphs flow nicely together
-give input on how to make the story work better and give it more appeal
-make sure I'm working on the project

Not sure what it's called, I think more of an editor. Need someone that can help me push to make my story better.


The over-all story isn't long, between 4-6 pages, as it's a arcing story to a video game project. But character profiles also need fleshed out, too. And there are also the town events for in0game, but I can't worry too much about those right now.


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United States
For all my characters, I use Daz Studio's base models. In the past, I've used Michael 4 & Victoria 4, but after finally getting a new desktop, I now use their Genesis figure. Just because I use base figures doesn't mean I don't work hard to get my models looking good. At times, it can take me anywhere between 10-20 hours of work to get my people looking how I want.

All my current pictures uploaded now are old and don't look as nearly nice as the current remodels I've been working on. Now being a bit older when I first started to use Daz, I understand detailing much better and have been putting a lot more effort into giving each of my characters their own sculpted features, making them unique in every way I can.

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1) Anshi Hitaro by Vata-Raven 2) Luke von Hellsinburg by Vata-Raven 3) Siobhan by Vata-Raven 4) Kyokotsuke by Vata-Raven
5) Vyrenelis by Vata-Raven 6) Gabriel DeLeon Roses by Vata-Raven 7) Kain von Carston by Vata-Raven 8) Karu Hony by Vata-Raven

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